Max Syslog

Max Syslog is Mac OSX real-time network management and monitoring server daemon for syslog events that collects messages and notifications from any network device and helps to monitor, analyze and correlate network events in IT environments.

Max Syslog implements syslog server monitoring daemon. The powerful software monitoring engine can analyze any number of syslog events in real-time and perform special actions and correlation reports upon receiving specific network messages and events. The software can also be used as central monitoring engine with exporting capabilities such as database and textual log files that can provide online and historical repository for network administrators. The software built-in viewer can provide advanced syslog reports including root cause analysis that can in used in heavy loaded IT environments.

Max Syslog can run on any Mac-OSX platform and implements syslog server monitoring capabilities. The software powerful monitoring engine can support any number of syslog events that implements real-time network monitoring server daemon. It is also includes email forwarding actions with filtering and database exporting capabilities that enables remote management of the collected events. The built-in software viewer includes advanced scanning and reporting options including correlation capabilities for root cause analysis events in heavy loaded network environments.